Courses & Events

We offer courses and events

The Enlivened Cooperative offers courses, workshops, and seminars (online in these COVID times). These are different from what you are probably used to as our courses are offered within and through the values, pedagogy and approach of the Enlivened Cooperative emphasising:

  • Relationality – learning by weaving relations between all learners (including faculty);
  • Emplacement – nurturing inquiries, practices and attention towards place (and one´s own place) including the beyond human;
  • Cosmopolitical learning - including many ways of being-knowing-doing-relating, towards human becoming and possible worlds;
  • Buen Vivir and Responsibility - for the common flourishing and well-being of all beings.

The courses (of varying length) are facilitated by faculty from diverse backgrounds, representing an intentional range of diverse knowledge systems and experiences and involve workshops, presentations, storytelling, sharing practices, tools and methods which encourage learners to try out exercises and pursue inquiries in their own time and place.

In the following sectio you will find our upcoming courses and also the past ones:






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