Tuning into queer metabolic sensibilities

Tuning into queer metabolic sensibilities

Tuning into queer metabolic sensibilities. A workshop by Dani d’Emilia and Sarah Amsler

A workshop by Dani d’Emilia and Sarah Amsler

Sensing interconnection with the pluri-body intelligences of vital existence allows us to care for life-giving relationships with ourselves, other beings and the earth of which we are extensions and stewards. The integrated sensibilities of our physical, collective (social and ecological) and metabolic bodies enable us to attune to both the intense suffering and grief caused by modern violence, and the exuberance of creative yearnings to interrupt it and heal. Drawing on the embodied (un)learnings of Dani’s work with Radical Tenderness, insights from Sarah and Dani’s co-inquiry into the wisdoms of queer/cuir metabolic relationality, and psycho-affective pedagogies created by the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures Collective, in this session we will explore our present and possible paths of access to this discerning intelligence.

Dates and times

Thursday, November 18th from 10am-12:30pm ET


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Workshop Costs

The workshop is offered in the spirit of gift culture and economics, inspired by the generosity that emerges from deep gratitude, a foundation for co-creating a welcoming and thriving community of practice based in the transformative values of abundance, trust and connection rather than scarcity, fear and separation.

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Dani d’Emilia

Dani d’Emilia is an artist and educator working in the fields of performance, visual art, devised theatre, radical pedagogy and social-relational justice. Since 2014 Radical Tenderness has been a main guiding force in her political-affective art-life practices. Her work attempts to engage cuir-metabolic sensibilities towards the expansion of intimacies and the deactivation of the logic of separability within ourselves and our wider relations. Dani is a co-founder of the immersive theatre company Living Structures (UK) and the art space Roundabout.lx (PT). She was a core member of the performance collectives La Pocha Nostra (MX/US) and Proyecto Inmiscuir (MX/ES). Dani is a member of the collective Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures and a collaborator of ANDlab (Research Centre for Art-Thinking & Politics of Togetherness). During 2018-19, with the support of Musagetes Foundation, Dani and Vanessa Andreotti began an artistic-pedagogic investigation entitled ‘Engaged dis-identifications’ which explores the workings of non-notional possibilities of co-existence through performative practices, which they continue to unfold in their collaborations. + info: http://www.danidemilia.com

Sarah Amsler

Sarah Amsler is a researcher, writer and educator. Her work is dedicated to visibilizing and interrupting systems of affective, conceptual, political and relational power that fuel processes of human-inclusive ecological suffering and destruction, particularly through patterns of interpersonal, historical-social, epistemic, ontological, and metabolic violence. Critical analyses of modernity-coloniality and decolonization, transfeminist studies of knowledge and science, queer theory, critical and queer ecologies, material-process philosophies, and affective-somatic practice inform her work to create pedagogies for being and becoming otherwise; expanding radically relational possibility, accountability and response-ability; countering coloniality in education and everyday political-intimate-collective life within post-imperial and settler-colonial contexts as well as translocal communities; and mobilizing embodied biopoethics as one of many pathways towards (re)learning and nurturing inseparable co-existence. She is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham and a member of the Our Bodhi Project and Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures art-ecology-research collectives.

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